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About Me

Name: Derreck Lim
Born: June 11 1986
Invest In: Property, Gold, Stock
Born In: Malaysia
Favorite Quote: Faith Shield My Honor
My Hero: Warren Buffet, Robert Kiyosaki 
Occupation: Investor

Hi everyone, My name is Derreck Lim, Born 1986, I'm just a normal person like all of you out there, but i love stocks alot, i start trading since i was 17, although i had to use my father account to trade.

But first i have to apologize because of my bad english and grammar error i hope all the reader will forgive me for this. Because i only study until Form 5 so my english is bad bad bad hahah XD

As many trader out there i started stock market with 0 experience at the first. My father taught me a bit of basic on only how to buy and sell from the broker. Back in my days trading stock is not as convenient like today. There are no such thing as online trading back then. We had to phone the broker every single time we do a trade and the broker fee back then is abit higher compare to nowdays.

As far as i know up until today i haven't attend any stock seminar or workshop, yet i'm doing just fine in my investing and trading so far. In my opinion those workshop or seminar out there is really expensive to most of the people out there.Why not save the few thousand and make it your first invesment ?

So I'm creating this stock blog just for sharing info and share some of my personal experience. Although i don't know if my 9 years experience in stock will be useful to anyone. If my blog content or guide somehow make you lose money i will not be responsible for that. So Trade and learn on your own risk. If you learn something from my blog well congratz to you  then thanks me by subscribing =P. But if you don't like what im writting in this blog then please walk away as i don't force anyone to look at it lol.